The InsurTech Engine
Enabler for Insurance Sales and Operation

White label platform and integrations to sell insurance and settle claims for insurers, brokers, intermediaries and service providers.


Plug and Play
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LICUS connects merchants and services with the insurer and product they prefer. Insurers get enabled to provide fully serviced products in no time and cost.

How it works

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    Ready in a jiffy

    Coverage, payment collection, terms and rules, commissions, workflows, users, permissions. We configure your Licus for most products in a few hours or design it tailor-made.

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    Licus comes with some services and partners already connected. Expand your network while we get services autonomously talk to each other to make your product the most efficient.

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    Integrated Selling

    Customers get insured with a service they consume or at an integrated partners point of sale. While Licus keeps everyone posted, customers can help themselves with white labeled services if needed.

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    Claims & Fulfilment

    Claim flows follow configurable decision trees and involve fingerprinting and AI for fraud detection. Licus connects claims with fulfillment services to make settlements something you monitor once a month.

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    Accounting and Payment

    Set your accounting and payment rules and check profit & loss within the dashboard, while Licus cares about the dues and paids, runs the accountings, collects and transfers the resulting amounts to each entity.

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    Evaluation & Benchmark

    Time for evaluation and improvements! Licus provides you with sparkling performance reports, lets you benchmark your achievements and those of your partners.

Licus Insurance Scope
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    Health & Accident

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    Hearing Aids
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    Bikes & Scooters
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The Benefits
  • Start now

    Start immediately selling our standard products after a few configurations. For new products we scribble, we stage, we test the MVP and launch when you love it.

  • Scale and keep

    Grow your revenues and make profits from day one! We wont cost you more than a trainee at the beginning and usually not more than a permanent.

  • Free choice of Insurer and Partners

    Choose the partners you want to work with. Change your partners annually, daily or work with many at the same time. We get you connected and make it work effortlessly.

  • Stay Unique

    Standards make our services reliable and affordable while customers experience your unique product with your individual rules and looks.

  • Fort Knox

    We penetrate our systems with the most evil attacks and train for the worst to keep your data safe at all times. We are survivors of dozens of audits every year since 2011 and learn with each one of them!

  • Anytime worldwide

    We deploy our service close to your customers worldwide in every language. Your Engine runs at lightspeed and never sleeps.

  • Born digital

    Licus was founded API-First by digital pioneers in 2011 and works with digital natives around the globe on the evolution of AI integrated services.

Licus Numbers
  • 4M

    Policies sold

  • 200M€

    Payments collected

  • 10k

    Clients serving today

  • 30k

    Global users worldwide

  • 99,95%


  • 2011


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